Searching for a good LYS

I have a couple of great LYSs here in Omaha but i am looking for one in Iowa and it got me to wondering…is there a website that lists good LYSs? I am looking for something to do with Mom this weekend and I think she would like a trip somewhere new (we always shop in the same town when i go to visit her…the perils of living in small town Iowa) that she can potentially look at her stuff while i get the opportunity to check out a new yarn shop.

btw…Amy have you considered a section like this on the site? maybe having people suggest their favorite yarn shops around the country, and the world. I don’t know how much legwork would be required in researching these places or getting permission to put their websites and/or numbers on the site but i think it would be a great addition. People are always posting links to their favorite sites and such in various threads…having a central location for some of these great resources would be wonderful!

now back to my original problem…:wink: are there any good LYSs in Iowa? (preferably western Iowa if i can be picky…lol)

where at in Iowa are you looking?

EDIT - haha I just saw. Western Iowa

well i have a feeling i know about the only one in western Iowa and it is a cross stitch shop that is just branching into knitting so the yarn supply is rather limited. I have a feeling that if i try to convince Ma that we need to go to Des Moines for the day she will think i have lost my mind…lol

I think that’s an EXCELLENT idea!!

Here is a list of Iowa… but I don’t know if any are close to you :frowning:

sigh yeah i just found that list too and was perusing it. the closest is the one in Fort Dodge and i am not a huge fan of that town. I suppppppppppose though it would be kind of me to volunteer to go to that town since that is where my brother lives too :rofling: and since it is fairly close, maybe that means Mama will drive and i can knit…lol

oh wait…this was suppose to be all about her right? Thank you for the help!

Does that mean there isn’t a LYS in Omaha? I was hoping to hit one when we went to the zoo!

The Knitty board has lists by state here.

Wow this is cool…

I was looking for something better than Michaels and Walmart here in CR, (Iowa)

:slight_smile: I appreciate it gals…

oh no! there are…i just don’t want to drive up to mom’s and then drive back down here to go to one…lol. Now you have to understand that my only experience with knitting shops are those here in omaha since i am new to the whole thing but i think String of Purls is pretty great. always seems to be people sitting in there knitting. Touche is pretty wonderful too and the lady there is the one who taught me how to knit. It is really small though so the selection is pretty limited. very cute shop though. Personal Threads is supposedly over the top with yarn but everybody i have ever talked to about that shop says that the owner is incredibly rude. I have a tendancy to forget the name of that shop and when i say “the one everybody complains about” people know who i am talking about…lol

otherwise we have Hobby Lobby and Michaels too.

Dave, can i say that it made me do a double take on your name when i first saw you post. My uncle’s name is norman and he lives (actually lived…he moved this last year but in my mind he is still there…) in CR. of course he was the only norman in CR…lol

Yeah my name is a play on my last name… got it in HS and it stuck…

Anyway… I’ll be chekcing out the one that site shows here… if anyone knows of more sites that have “unknown” LYS that would be cool has a section for LYS reviews. It’s not all-inclusive, and I’ve found that it does depend on personal experience. A young girl gave a negative review to an LYS by me that I just love. But at least you can get a basic idea.