Searching for a crochet pattern

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I am a knitter, but my sister crochets. She is looking for the Navajo Afghan pattern that is is the Herrschners catalog this month. She used to have the pattern but has lost it. She said the actual kit comes with “puny” yarn — only 2 ply, so she had to buy better yarn when she crocheted it. She has offered to crochet this for me, as it would go beautifully in my family room, but I don’t want to pay $30 for that kit to have to turn around and buy better yarn. Anyone have that pattern in their files?? Let me know! I’d sure appreciate it.:thumbsup:[/FONT]

I couldn’lt find the afghan at the Herschners site, so I’m not sure wht it looks like. Here are a bunch of crochet sites with free afghan patterns. Even if you don’t find the same pattern, maybe you’ll be able to find another Navajo type design that you like just as much.

You can also search for it on e-bay. You might find someone selling the pattern there.

Good luck in your search - let us know if you find it or something else usable.

pattern is located at Search for #BG200233
Thanks for your time.

Click on the link below for the pattern you are looking for.

Wow, that Herrschners pattern is gorgeous. I think eBay is probably your best bet.