Seamless Sweater Pattern

I’d like to knit a sweater in the round, but can’t seem to find any patterns. I think I’ve been to every knitting website and have had no luck. The pattern doesn’t have to be free, I am willing to pay, if anybody can recommend one.

Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are almost exclusively knit in the round.
Many Zephyr Style patterns are seamless, too. Lauren Chau has some patterns on her blog, as well (I don’t remember the exact site address, but it you put cosmicpluto knits into google, it will come up.)

Holy cow…there are dozens of them. Are you on Ravelry? If so use the terms “seamless” or “top down” and you’ll bunches of patterns.

I made #9724 here. They are easy to understand and well written IMO.

Here’s a few more ideas. Not sure what type you’re looking for though.

Design your own -

Thanks to you both, I’ve already found a number of patterns to consider!

Also check your local lib. There are tons of knitting books on the shelves (or thru the lending service) and many with patterns. Some are specifically top down, ITR, etc.


The Sweater Workshop book by Jacqueline Fee is about designing your own ITR sweaters knit bottom up with no seams.

I am about to start this one. I can’t decide if I like the long sleeve or short sleeve better though.