Seamless sleeves

I’ve just started knitting a man-sized cardigan that’s knit in one piece. The sleeves are knit separately and I had hoped that they would be knit in the round (to avoid seaming)… but they’re not. They are knit flat.

What are your suggestions for knitting sleeves in the round to avoid seaming? I’m assuming I can knit in the round until I have to start shaping the sleeve cap… but I’ve never converted instructions from flat to in-the-round before so I didn’t want to make any haphazard assumptions.

The instructions say:

[B]Cap Shaping:[/B]
At the beginning of the next 2 rows, bind off [B]4[/B] (4, 3, 3) stitches one time. At the beginning of the next 2 rows, bind off [B]3[/B] (3, 2, 2) stitches one time.
At the beginning of the next 2 rows, bind off [B]2[/B] (2, 0, 0) stitches one time.
Then decrease one stitch at each edge, every other row, [B]5[/B] (5, 3, 5) times. Then bind off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next [B]18[/B] (20, 24, 24) rows. [B]0[/B] (0, 8, 8) stitches remain. Bind off loosely.

If someone could help me translate that to in-the-round knitting, I’d greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Also. About selvage stitches… What’s the average # of stitches to subtract from the # of cast on stitches to account for the stitches that would normally be swallowed up by the seam?


I’m not 100% sure on this, but the only thing I could think of is to replace the bound off stitches with decreases, which would leave it in the round, but you’d have visible decreases (I presume I’d do K2tog on the “right” side and SSKs at the “wrong” for the ending rows where you’re binding off both “sides.” I really don’t know what the aesthetics of this would be and the other problem is you are not going to have the corresponding edge to seam to the armhole shaping in the front/back. Another option would be to pick up and knit around the sleeve opening after the front and back are done and shoulders seamed and then knitting the sleeve out from the body increasing/decreasing according to sleeve shaping. Again, not sure on the aesthetics of that, but I know I’ve seen patterns that call for that method.

As for the selvedge stitches, assuming mattress stitch, you count one stitch from each edge as you will be creating a new “stitch” by seaming those edges together.

You can knit the sleeve in the round to the underarm, then working flat, BO the sts and do the cap following the original instructions. Don’t dec instead of BO, the BO leaves space at the lower edge of the armhole, like this _/VVVVV_ while decreasing would just bunch up sts like this ///VVVV\\ which isn’t the same at all and won’t fit into the underarm of the body.

Right, that’s what I meant about having the wrong shape and not knowing if the aesthetics would work. Thanks for clearing it up (especially stitch diagrams, thanks!)