Seamless Hoodie

After much help from everyone, I completed my “upsized” seamless hoodie. The biggest size for the pattern was for a 12 month old, and I was able to do it for a 24 month old, it is adorable, and I used “bug buttons”, take a look, I am so happy with the outcome.

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That looks awesome! I just finished one that looks exactly like that, except it’s green, for my grandson! I have a feeling it may be the same pattern. The pattern I used went only up to 12 mos. also. Friends at a knitting group at my church helped me with it, as there were several new things I had never done before. All I have to do yet is sew on the buttons. I could only find regular buttons. I looked for something like what you got, but Hobby Lobby didn’t have them in the right size. I’d love if you’d share your pattern with me. Great job!

I’ll try to “sit down” this weekend to put my changes in order as I just scribbled in pencil on the pattern, and will thereafter post it. My boyfriend (who is quite a bit larger than at 24 month old, hahahaha) has asked me to make him one (without the hood) in his size and the person (my boss) whose son I knitted the hoodie for wants one in her size, arrgggg!!!