Seamless Hooded vest for my 8-year-old - FREE

I want to knit a vest for my son. He wants it hooded with pocket and he hates the zip, so it has to be button-up, on circular needle.

Here in Asia choices of yarns are limited and it is usually too big or too small. I’m trying to get some good yarn on my 4-7mm needles, it’s appx. 5-6 stitches per inch.

It takes up a lot of my time in learning all of these from Internet and its driving me mad on trying the fix the instructions to match with my target pattern and sizes and needles…etc

…until 24hrs ago I found out about is site and it’s like god-send, and I’m wishing for someone can help me out please please please :aww:

When I type “hood vest” and not many are free or they r too big for adults or for babies… Or they r not on circular needle, or it’s not for button up or it is not hooded etc…

How I wish I can find something I can follow exactly the same.

But here I am I have already completed the body and now I’m stuck on the neck / front neck and hood

And I finally wish someone can help me find something for me on the requirement above.

Thank you for reading and replying

If there is anyone interested to take a peek:

This one sounds similar to your requirements and there are a few others on Ravelry (free to join) that may help you with the general directions for the hood.
You might also try searching for a hoodie or hooded sweater and just leave out the sleeves. You could finish the armhole edge with ribbing if the rest of the pattern suits.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s still the same on the other thread, it’s my first and only working project now, which has driven me mad. Although a piece of something of a garment has came out, but there are lots of errors everywhere, so I seriously need this thread active and need helps.

Thank you for the link, and yes I have seen it, but the hood is a cast on on another piece, I’m wishing tht I can find something I can knit from neck area which I’m stuck now. And I need it to be a button up too.

Thank you again for trying to help