Seamless Baby Sweater

Good evening, I am in the process of knitting a baby’s seamless sweater. I have gotten to a point in the pattern where I am now stuck and need some assistance.

If you’d like to see the pattern it is located at:

Neck edge
On next row knit 30 stitches BO 14 stitches knit remaining 30 stitches DID THIS

Continue, working each side separately
**NOT SURE ABOUT THIS. If I work each side separately then I will have to cut yarn and then add it to the other side, is this correct?

Increase 1 stitch every other row. ( For a total of 10 stitches) When sleeve measures 5 inches decrease in following manner:

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Yes, you will probably have to cut the yarn and reattach it when you get to that side. You can put those stitches on a stitch holder or piece of waste yarn. I prefer waste yarn to holders myself. Take a yarn needle and a smooth, thinner yarn and thread it through the stitches with a yarn needle. Leave it long enough to tie so it doesn’t pull out. When it’s time to do that side you can put the needles through and cut the knot and pull out the waste yarn and continue with new yarn.