Seamless Baby Sweater

I just finished this. I wanted to make the Baby Raglan Sweater by Carole Barenys that is on Knitting on the Net. But nothing can be that simple. My gauge was different so I had to rewrite everything for my gauge. This is knit from the top down and is seamless. I did picked up buttonbands instead of the knit on ones. My FO looks like hers. :slight_smile:

I love it.,

Oh how precious. That might be just what I have been looking for, a seamless sweater for my first one. Love the color!

So cute! You did great job of rewriting the pattern – it looks flawless. I love the color too.

Looks like it turned out beautifully! You’d never know that you rewrote the pattern, lol. Looks like it will be nice and cozy too! :thumbsup:

It’s beautiful! :thumbsup:

lgoddard, this would be a good first sweater. You can do it in plain St st as well.

Really cute! Is this for a newborn?

Adorable! You did a great job improvising! :thumbsup:

The original said it was for a 6 month old and came in only one size. The finished chest measurement says 19 inches. The sleeves were supposed to be 5" or to desired length. I’m not sure of the overall length, it is not given in inches.

I think mine turned out what I’m calling 6 months as well. It is 19 1/2 " chest, overall length is 8 3/4" and sleeves are 5".

beautifully knitted
really a nice sweater
i was just coming to ask a question for a seamless baby sweater
but with a v neck
does any one know of a free pattern
again a beautifull sweater
it is so much easier to knit seamless

Wow! You did a wonderful job. It looks great!

Here is one I just learned of yesterday. It comes in three sizes.
Lutzling Sweater


Adorable!!! Great job.

thank you for the link that is exactly what i want
really appreciate it

[B]That’s totally darling. [/B]

I always loved the perks of top down raglan sweaters for my kids, starting when they were babies.

Add increases to the raglan ‘seams’ and you add proportionately to the armhole depth, body and sleeve width. Just add to the length to sleeves and body as needed. That was a real plus with tall, thin kids.

It turned out gorgeous!! Great job! Love how you improvised and made it your own!

Beautiful little cardi, Judy! Love this design, and the color is so cool and refreshing!