Seamless Baby Hooded Pullover - SUCCESS

I would like to attempt this new project

However these are the following problems I have.

  1. What is a “Ragland row”? Is it a special stitch pattern?

  2. I would like to make a size for a 24 month old but do not know how to adapt the pattern to obtain the size. The following was suggested to me:

“It’s a top down raglan, and there are 8 sts between the two sizes . So you could cast on an additional 8 sts and then increase (at the raglan seams) to a number that has at least 8 sts more than the larger size of the pattern. I’d measure at this point to make sure it’s wide enough, then continue with the body, knitting it slightly longer. Use the same idea to make the sleeves a little wider and longer.”

The problem is for rows 1 to 5 (which repeats) I do not know where to place the markers or do the increases or how many.

If someone could adapt the pattern for me it would be greatly appreciated. As a knitter I am great at following instructions but am not savvy enough to do this.

Raglan is the type of sweater. The seam line from neck to armpit are the raglan stitches. To make it bigger I suggest just trying to go up a needle size or two if you’re using the suggested weight of yarn. Maybe try a 9 first. Do a swatch with both needles and see how the fabric looks and feels. If the 9 has a large swatch then the sweater will be larger.

I think that I have figured out the stitch increase😊 after reading and reading and reading everyone’s suggestions. It took some time because I didn’t understand the pattern. After hours of watching YouTube videos the light finally went on. If I am successful I can post my findings it anyone is interested. Of course, you may have figured it out on your own and I was just slow on the uptake.
Many thanks!

What about trying a similar pattern that may include the size you’re looking for?

Thanks, much appreciated. I came across that pattern during my search for “answers” but I was looking for a “seamless” pattern and I do not have the needle sizes required for that particular pattern. The pattern I chose fit my supplies. Since this is an attempt at something I have never done before I wanted to use what I have.

After much help from everyone, I completed my “upsized” seamless hoodie. The biggest size for the pattern was for a 12 month old, and I was able to do it for a 24 month old, it is adorable, and I used “bug buttons”, take a look, I am so happy with the outcome.

That turned out beautifully. Such a sweet pattern and just perfect buttons. Very nicely done.

Aww love it! So cute!