Hi. I’m making the following beanie:

I’m all done except for the seam. All of the instructions I have on seaming seem to be for knit stitches. But for me, the beanie ended on purl stitches. How do I seam together purl stitches? Also, do i start at the brim of the hat, or the top? Thank you so much!

this should help

When stitching up beanies, I always find it works better starting at the top.

Ok. Thank you. I completed the seam. It puckered quite a bit on the inside. Is there a way for me to avoid this in the future? Did I pull it too tight? Or even with less pulling would it have still puckered?

Thank you!

You may have pulled it too tight. It shouldn’t pucker using a mattress stitch seam. You could do it over (I’ve done this many times) if you want. Just take it out carefully and try again.

You could always try making a hat in the round next time, with circular needles and dpns. That way, you don’t have a seam at all! :slight_smile: