I’m not a good sewer. I never learned to sew. I’m just really, really bad at it. :lol:

But now that I’m getting into more complicated projects, seaming has come into the picture.

So far, I’ve seamed a hat that was knit flat, and a teddy bear. I used a back stitch for both, which looks fine on the hat, and awful on the teddy bear. But it’s the only seaming technique I’m moderately comfortable with.

Now, I’m almost finished a sweater for my 8 month old DD. After I block it, I’ll have to sew the back to the front, the sleeve seams, then sew the sleeves to the sweater. Ack!! :ick:

I know if I attempt to back stitch all that, it’ll end up looking awful. My back stitch is usually crooked and ugly. :frowning:

I’ve watched the mattress stitch video over and over, I’ve tried and tried to get it right, but it just doesn’t end up looking ro working the way it does in the video. :frowning:

So, does anyone have any seaming advice for a poor, non-sewing beginner knitter like me? :flirt:


Are there any yarn stores in your area where you might be able to take a class? I actually took a workshop on finishing techniques, and it really helped me.

Mattress stitch is the best way (in my opinion) to do seaming, so if the video doesn’t work for you, you might want to google it and look at other sources. You can make a couple of swatches to practice with.

I always hated my seaming until I discovered mattress stitch. It’s magical!

I haven’t done much seaming, either, but I strongly recommend the mattress stitch–it’s like magic…looks amazing, and really isn’t that hard, once you get the hang of it.

I too, HATE seaming (modified my first big sweater to knit in the round as much as I could!) but I love mattress stitch.

Have you tried just making a couple small swatches to practice seaming? That’s what I had to do. I used some acrylic yarn I had in my stash, made a good length rectangle (more than 6 inches long) and then folded it over to make a “bag” (thankfully I have kids who can always find uses for my rand swatches) and practiced mattress stitch on the long sides that way. I sat down with yarn in hand, watched the video, read about it on Knitty and then went slowly using the video and pictorial as often as I needed. I’m not a mattress pro yet, but I will say, dh’s sweater is together and looks pretty good! :thumbsup:

Thanks, everyone!

I wish I could take a class, but I just don’t have the time. :frowning:

Looks like I’ll be doing some practicing before I seam this sweater, though! Swatches, here I come! :lol: