Seaming three layers together

Help! I’m currently knitting Little Jocket Wrap Sweater from a Sublime pattern book. The sweater has a shawl collar that is knit seperately. I had no problem seaming the collar around both sides and back of neck. But now the pattern states to place the left side over the right and seam to cast off stitches along base of front neck. This gives you three layers to seam together. What’s the best way to do this? Lost and confused!


It may be easiest to seam in two steps rather than try to seam 3 layers a once. Stitch the right side to the cast off sts and then stitch the left side down. I use a thin yarn or even sewing thread with a whip stitch to do this kind of seam. You want the seam to be invisible on the front part of the overlap.

The pattern was unclear, so I thank you for your suggestion to do this in two steps, and to use a thin yarn or thread.:muah: :muah: