Seaming the sleeves on a raglan sweater

HELP!! This is the first time I have tried to seam together a raglan sweater - most of the others I made were drop shoulder. Does anyone know what kind of seaming technique I am supposed to use for a raglan? I can’t find anything on-line :shrug:

Use the mattress stitch - video found here under ‘Finishing’. You will have 4 sleeve seams in total. Lay the sleeves and front and back pieces down flat, with the right sides of the garment facing out. Match up the raglan seams and start seaming. I find it’s best to start your seams from the neck edge and end at the underarm, that way any imperfections in the seaming will be hidden under the arm.

Raglan seams aren’t any different than other seams, just at an angle. Mattress stitch should work.


The first time I used mattress stitch was on a raglan sweater, and I was amazed at how nice it looked!