Seaming Stockinette

I’m ready to seam my first kid sweater and it’s in stockinette, what is the best method of seaming for this stitch??? :shrug: Do I seam it on the right side or the wrong side of the garmet?? Seaming is my least favorite thing to do cause I always feel it comes out messy. :pout: :pout: Please help!!!

Amy has a video on matress stitch (my favorite for stockinette) HERE and it explains it perfectly.

Check out the video for mattress stitch under ‘Finishing’ (3/4 way down page). It is the BEST seaming method, virtually invisible.

I thought that was the best seam to do, but what about the sleaves??? How do I do them by the shoulders down?? This sweater was done in four parts, back, front and two sleaves and nothing in the round all straight knitting. Should I block the pieces first cause you know the sides are curling inwards. :wall: :wall: :verysad:

You can block it if you want and if it’s a fiber that will hold the blocking. Normally, the seaming will keep the pieces from curling.

First do the shoulders, then lay it face up and attach the sleeves. After the sleeves are attached at the shoulders you can seam up the sides and the insides of the sleeves. I usually go from the bottom up to the armpits to make sure the edges are even.

It’s 100% washable cotton. This is my first 100% cotton piece so I don’t know how it will block. Is there any kind of video showing how to sew the sleeves??? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do it with the bound off edges to the sides of the sweater. Sorry for so many questions, it’s my first one and I want it to look neat.

I don’t know of any sites that show how to put in the sleeves, that that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

What I do is use a bar from the body and a stitch from the sleeve to mattress stitch one to the other. This is done on the front side, by the way. I usually tie the top of the sleeve to the seam of the shoulder and tie the ends of the sleeve to the underarms and work from the top seam down–again to leave any wonkiness in the armpit.

I just did a quick check, and Knitty has an article on seaming sleeves to the body. Scroll down for the mattress technique.


Thanks so much, this is great, it’s exactly what I needed (I’m a visual person) I need to see it to understand and this is perfect!!! :happydance: :cheering: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

You are the BEST!!!