Seaming sleeves when working in the round

I’m thinking about doing a sweater in the round, but the pattern is done flat. Easy enough, but what happens when it comes to sewing in the sleeves? It seems like it wouldn’t be as easy as when you attach sleeves at shoulder, then sew the seam up the sleeve and all the way down the side of the sweater at the same time. Any thoughts?

I don’t think I understand the question. :oops: Perhaps if I’ve done a sweater in the round, that would help… :lol: … soooooo … without further ado…


Never mind, figured it out! Sorry to confuse you!!


I’m curious - what is the solution? I am currently knitting my first top from the top down in the round, and was planning to throw the sleeves onto waste yarn once my front and back are wide enough, do the body, and then come back for the sleeves - from what I read, the options for the sleeves would be to either do the sleeves in the round from the stitches on waste yarn, or do the sleeves and then graft them in - thoughts??

I was hoping no one would ask. :oops: :oops: My “solution” was to simply follow the pattern and do it flat rather than in the round. :oops: :oops: For future reference though, I’m curious to see if you will get any suggestions.

I’ve been thinking about this too, and saw something interesting in the “Cecelia” (knitty) pattern – it’s a cardigan, but for a reg. sweater it would go like this…knit in the round up to the armholes, then work front and back separately, grafting at the shoulders, or seaming if you want. Then, pick up stitches around the armhole and work sleeves in the round.

I wouldn’t have thought of that – but of course, picking up stitches and knitting them would be a lot less of a hassle than all of the seaming.

So then you would work the sleeve instructions in reverse, from the shoulder down. Hmmmmmmmm :thinking:

Right! And hey, I like your new avatar! :smiley:

When I knit my sweater in the round, you did the body a certain number of inches, then you separately knit the sleeves to a certain length and added them onto the same circular needle to finish off the sweater, decreasing as you went. It looked like seamed raglan sleeves when done.


ps-there is a picture of it somewhere on here…the sweater is called the wonderful wallaby.

Well this isn’t a big help but you may be curious to read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book sometime, Knitting Without Tears. She says knitting a sweater on circulars wo seams is the ONLY WAY TO GO and always preferred it. She’s very funny about it and a joy to read. I have yet to make a sweater like that but am going to soon.