Seaming Shoulders - Help!

Well, I have finally gotten done knitting my mothers sweater. I have looked up the directions for seaming the side seams and arms; those all make sense. However, in regards to the shoulder seaming … the pattern for this sweater didn’t leave a nice straight shoulder seam that I could just do a kitchener stitch. There is some slight shaping to the shoulders. Would a three-needle bind-off work?

Any info on seaming the shoulder seams would be GREAT!


I always do 3-needle bind-off for shoulders. When they are shaped, and I choose to keep the shaping (I don’t always), I do short rows for the shaping.

Let’s say you have to bind off 3 at the beginning of the rows, you’d knit or purl until there were 3 left, w&t, and work back. So basically you’re doing a w&t at the point to where you would have bound off.

The final row picks up the wraps, and then you can do the 3nbo.

It sounds like sweaters should probably have a straight edge on the shoulder for binding off. That makes sense. It seams like it would be so much easier that way! Thanks, Ingrid!