Seaming shoulders from a bind off?

Hi! I am finishing up my first wearable project and have a question as to how to seam the shoulders. I did a bind off for th back and the left and right sides of the cardigan, and I need to do a three needle bind off (I think that’s what it’s called), but how do I do that when I’ve already binded off? Do I undo the previous bind offs and seam from there or what? I hope it’s clear what I am asking. I really want to finish, but can’t until I figure this out!

In order to do a three needle bind off you need to have live stitches on the needle, as the front and back are bound off together. You can leave them bound off and sew the seams, or you can undo your bind off and do a three needle bind off.

The three needle isn’t necessary, and many patterns don’t call for it, but it does look nice and makes a very straight seam.

There is a video for a three needle bind off lower down on this page

It’s really up to you what you want to do with the shoulder seams.

Thanks Ingrid! That is what I needed to know. I thought I might need to sew it, but then in the picture it looked like a three needle bind off. But I think sewing it would be easier. But then that brings me to another question - do I sew it using a kitchener’s stitch ( I think that’s what i’s called) or what?

Kitchener stitch is another technique that uses live stitches on the needle. I would go with mattress stitch to weave bound off stitches together. It makes a nice invisible seam. There is a video on it, too.