seaming shoulders- 3-needle bind off

Hi knitters,

Having given up on mattress stitch seaming, I discovered the 3-needle bind off. I tried it on shoulder seams, however: I’m getting a weird stockinette appearance at my seam, which is hardly invisible. (My garment is in garter stitch). I have done the bind off with the right sides together, as is usually done. On another swatch I did it wrong sides together and I actually prefer the appearance of this one. Although the bind-off is visible on the right side, it doesn’t look so conspicuous.

I am going to try grafting now. Is it OK to use on shoulder seams?

I hate seaming! What do y’all use to seam your shoulder seams?


I’ve only made seamless sweaters so no seaming to speak of. They aren’t as structured, but easier IMO. :wink:
Here’s an old KH post about this topic.

This video is for a hat, but shows grafting garter.

This PDF is 3 needle bind off in garter and it looks pretty good.