Seaming question

I am trying to join the bound off edges of a sweater hood. The hood is knit horizontally in garter stitch. So, when the edges are joined to make the top of the hood, the garter rows are vertical and the bound off edges should be joined together. I have tried to join the edges with back stitch, but it does not look good on the right side. Does anyone know of another way of making this seam look better?

One thing you can try, is undo the bind off and use a 3 needle BO instead. Look for it under Finishing on the Tips page.

For this, I like to use the face up seam “Mattress Stich”. It’s easy, and I use it for all my sweaters actually.

Here is a link:

The second one down is the mattress stitch seam. I like to ‘pull’ the yarn every 5-8 stitches, and if you pull too tight and the seam buckles, just loosen it up before moving on to the next few stitches. What you are doing is picking up running stitches on alternating sides. It is such a nice seam technique that your stitches will disappear and it wouldn’t even be visible if you use a different color to make the seam (although I don’t suggest that!):rofl: