Seaming question

Hello! I was looking for some help with seaming a baby bonnet. I’m having a hard time seeing the “ladders” to do a mattress stitch. I always struggle to see the ladders with stockinette stitch but the decreases in this pattern make it even harder. Any tips or tricks? I will include a photo of the last half of the pattern. Thanks!

When I have trouble seaming with mattress stitch because of yarn overs or any stitch that breaks up the ladders, I use a back stitch seam. It’s neat and works well. I love mattress stitch but sometimes it just doesn’t work for me. (One trick on stockinette is to pull the stitches so that it’s easier to see the ladders.)

It’s also possible that this flatter, faster mattress stitch will work better

This is one I haven’t tried yet but it looks very nice