Seaming (mattress stitch) HELP!

I have two baby sweaters I knit and I haven’t seamed. I am afraid. I started on one of them and now that I’m stitching the two bodies together, it just doesn’t seem right. Do you turn in inside out to seam? I went to my LYS yesterday to get started and she was great but I am still kind of lost. She said something like the bunny goes in the whole, out of the hole, takes a jump and then crosses over to another hole. :wall: :?? :shrug:
HELP! I am so lost!

When you do mattress stitch, you work with the right sides facing you.

Have you checked out Amy’s video on mattress stitch? It’s in the Basic Techniques/More section.

I love the bunny image!!

Sometimes I feel like it takes as long to sew the pieces together as it does to knit the darn project! My least favorite part!

my least favorite part of knitting too
that is why I do so much of my work on DPN and in the round


I haven’t had a chance to try it (again) but I will soon and I will watch Amy’s video. I was having internet problems at home so I couldn’t watch the video and I really can’t watch it at work.