Seaming inside of sleeve


I’ve got to the stage where I’m seaming my jumper and seem to be struggling with seaming the sleeves. Do I work from the underarm down to the cuff or doesn’t it matter? What the main issue seems to be is that I’ve tried mattress stitch so the knitts all match up and looks seemless. Because there is an angle with this join when I seam every so often when the sleeve has its decrease I shrugged to maintain this perfect join and it ends up looking nice with messy bits where the decreases are. I hope this makes some sort of sense and wondered if there were any videos you may know to explain it. Or in order for it to all look the same maby I need to use a different way of seaming rather than mattress! This is the first project where I am learning how to seam properly! Thanks in advance :grinning:

It’s good to seam from the cuff up to the underarm. That way if there’s any mismatch it can be hidden at the underarm. (I pin or clip the two edges together to minimize this mismatch but it can happen.)
Did you decrease one or two stitches in from the end of the row? That gives you a bit more for seaming and makes it all easier. If not you might consider a backstitch seam. It’s used on the top bind off here but it works well on side seams too.