Seaming horizontal panel to main body help please

My top is off the needles (ok I have a provisional cast on which I need to put back on the needles and bind off but I’m almost there).
Now I’m planning the seaming stage.
I have looked at several tutorials and feel like,e I’m almost there with the plan but would appreciate some support or tips.
Here’s what I have


  1. I know the main top had 91 stitches but the ends will be a bit half stitch.
    The panel I’ve calculated as rows as follows:
    Bind off at beginning and end = 2 rows
    Foundation row = 1 row
    Leaf pattern 32 rows x 4 repeats = 128
    Total rows = 131
    Am I right in working it out this way?

  2. I think I’ve worked out a ratio/pattern to link the 131 rows of the leaf panel to the 91 stitches of the main top. Does this sounds right:
    Seam each stitch in the main top under the bind off and for each stitch join it to 1 or 2 bars/rows on the leaf panel so
    1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1 (this is 13 bars or rows x 10 is 130)
    V V V V V V V V V (this is 9 stitches x 10 is 90)
    So some of the stitches connect to one row and some two and across the whole seam the ones and twos should be quite evenly spread.
    Am I on the right track here?
    (Sorry if my question is just too confusing they way I’ve put it)

  3. I was finding it hard to find where my stitches were under the bind off, they are tiny and I need to dig them out, but I go into the centre of the V hidden behind the garter bumps don’t I? I think I’m okay with where these are.
    On the leaf panel I am seaming to horizontally it is reverse stocking stitch, on that end of row edge I am seaming to it looks like all smiles, if I held it the way up it was knitted, but the orientation I’m seaming they are all left brackets ( ( ( (
    Is this what I pick up as a ‘bar’ for each row? This is what I think I am sometimes picking up one and sometimes picking up two for each stitch on the main top.

Do you know of a video showing a reverse stocking stitch seam being joined in this horizontal way?
When I search for horizontal seaming I only find 2 pieces of fabric in the regular orientation being seamed one above the other rather than one turned 90 degrees.

I would be so grateful for any comments, checking, changes or tips before I start this seam.
Thank you

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You should be able to follow your ratio for picking up sts and rows. I always pin the pieces together to make sure that I keep on track.
It may be easier if you practice on 2 swatches to see exactly how this will work out in practice and the check that the finished look is what you want. If the edge sts aren’t as clean and precise as you’d like you could consider a crocheted slip stitch around the armhole.
There is always the alternative of the backstitch seam worked on the inside with the right sides of the knitting facing.


Thank you.
Am I right about the reverse stoking stitch rows being the bracket type bar that I pick up to seam?

Yes, it’s the purl bumps that you’d pick up. This video isn’t exactly your situations but at ~4:45 min Roxanne Richardson demonstrates the way to pick up the loop of the purl bump.

Of course on the opposite edge you won’t have another rev st st but the tops of the Vs of st st.
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Thank you for the suggestion to try out the seam on my swatches.
I must admit, the stocking stitch with garter edging along the seam edge swatch has been washed and dried, the leaf panel has not. The leaf panel has also been worked in the wrong size needle for 32 rows and know 16 rows in the smaller needle I decided to go with.
So it’s not ideal for judging if my ratio works exactly for the lengths as they are not properly the right size, my garter edge on this swatch is super easy to see the Vs where as my actual top they are almost impossible to find and access, not sure if my tension was different (I don’t think so) or if it was just the washing which made the difference.
Anyway, I still think it was worth it, it’s given a good idea of how it looks and given me a practise. I think it looks nice, the inside is super neat too although no one is looking there!

I will definitely put several tack stitches in along the length to help stay on track. Maybe every 13 rows so I can work in ten blocks across.

I saw a tutorial where she suggested starting in the centre and working out one way and then the other and I’ll do that too.

Thanks again.

That looks very neat and worth the extra effort.

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I’m back.
It took 2 long days to do one seam!

I put in yarn markers at the 13 rows and 9 stitches rather than actually tacking, I think across the entire seam there was perhaps two places I changed the ratio just eyeing how many rows there were to the next marker. This part worked well, I was really happy with it.

The nightmare was it being almost impossible to dig out those Vs under the purl bumps on the garter edge. Every single stitch was a huge struggle. Some of them took several hours to find one stitch and I started thinking there was no other option but to bin the whole thing.
On my swatch this seam was easy and after doing measuring I know my tension didn’t change, it must have been because that swatch had been washed, shaped and dried flat.
I’m wondering if it’s ever acceptable to wash and dry pieces before joining??
I don’t think i will do it on this project because I’d be worried it would turn out looking too different but if this one works out reasonable in the end i might make another in a different colour and it would be good to know in advance if washing before seaming is an option to making seaming easier? Or would I have to go through this seaming nightmare again?

It’s turned out neat in the end and the length of the panel is perfect, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot despite the struggle.

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