Seaming Garter stitch bind off edges

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of seaming up my first sweater. Finished knitting it over a year ago but was scared to seam so I tucked it away. I decided the other day that I wanted to finish it and pulled it out. Only problem is that it is done in garter stitch and I can not find any information how to sew the shoulder seams together. I now how to do the mattress stitch for garter stitch for the side seams but nothing on the shoulder seams.

What’s the best method for seaming shoulder seams in garter stitch?


Hi, I went and checked out the on line knitting book I know of and it had only a little that would apply, but it may be all you need. Go to this page and look at the heading above picture 20 and picture 20 itself. She shows where to put the needle in to sew a purl stitch there and maybe that will work. Look around there at the other ideas for seaming and maybe make a couple of little swatches to practice seaming up. Do a little experimenting and maybe you will find something that works with the information there.

Thanks MerigoldinWA!

It’s getting close to bed time so I’ll have to take a closer look later but it does appear to have more a little more information then I’ve found else where. Thanks again!

There are instructions on Knitty for seaming garter stitch.

Thanks Jan.
I had seen that article but again it only talks about side seams not the shoulder seams.
I’m going to try what Merigold suggested and knit up a bunch of swatches. I should be able to find something that will work.