Seaming cast-on edge to bound-off edge

I’m a new, but very perfectionist knitter. I was struggling until I found this site–huge shout out to Amy for the fabulous videos!

I have two baby sweaters knitted up right now, but I can’t figure out how to seam the sleeves into a round to assemble them. (That is, I have a flat piece that is the sleeve, and I need to join the sides that were the bottom and top of the piece I knitted. The seam will be under the arm.) If I were joining the sleft and right edges of two pieces, I could use mattress stitch, but I can’t figure out how that would work for joining the tops and bottoms of stiches as opposed to the sides of them.

Kitchener seems like the right stitch, but do I really have to pick up stitches on the top and bottom, and then sew them together? If that’s right, it seems stupid that so many patterns say “bind off” and then join, rather than telling you to hang onto that last row on the needle before joining!

If you know what I should do, can you direct me to any how-to info online with videos or pictures of how to make this seam?

Any help would be tremendously appreciated–I’m seeing my pregnant friend on Thanksgiving, and I’d love to give her sweaters, instead of pieces of sweaters!

Thank you!!!

I know exactly what you mean and how to do it. I use this seaming technique to graft bound off shoulder seams together… but for the life of me, I can’t find anywhere that explains how to do it!! GRRR

I’ll keep looking though!