Seaming bound off shoulders in pattern

i am currently knitting a sweater from Filati Handknitting edition 38. the model is 33. The pattern calls for bound off shoulders to be seamed together. Now i know how to do this for SS
however, the patter is K2 P2 ribbing. how do I seam bound off edges in ribbing?


I do very well with videos if possible:grphug:

The same way you seam them for stockinette stitch.

I don’t know anything about a good video, but here is something that I think will help you. Here is a link to an on-line knitting book (free). LINK This is the contents page. I suggest you read all of chapter 19 about horizontal seams (shoulders). Page 6 shows how to do it with ribbing, but the other pages will give you the basics, so you will know how to apply what it says about the ribbing. There are very good still pictures and text.