Seaming Bottom of Knitted Bag

Hi, I am mystklady and I need some help… I just knitted a Bubble Bag and need to close up the bottom of it before I Felt it… I know there must be a way to do it so you will have nice rounded corners of the bag when Felted… If I sew it straight across it would not have rounded corners… Please help!!

So much appreciated…

I am not sure what I am to put here… Hopefully my post went OK

Someone with more experience may have a better answer, but felting allows you to push things into shape when you are done, so I would suggest pushing something plastic grocery bags etc into your bag and round them out that way or look online and find other felted bags with rounded bottoms that are stitched closed and see if they are done differently.

So its knit in a tube right? On circular needles?