seaming: attaching sleeves in garter

Hi knitters,

I’ve got my shoulder seams done and now I’m on to the sleeves. I hate seaming! Can I use the 3-needle bind off on sleeves?

Secondly, is anyone familiar with the technique used in this video here, for a “woven in” seam:

Unfortunately the video is in German. If someone knows what it is, perhaps I could find it by name in English. It looks really nifty.



If you have live stit for the sleeves you can use 3 needle bind off. Usually you have some live sts on the sleeve but the knit edge on the body. Here’e the closest video I could find (followed by a few others) for live sts to a cast on edge. You would have to try to adapt it to your seams.


I viewed that video with out sound but it clearly shows how to do Kitchener sts (or three needle bind off) with one less needle (in other words with one finished edge).

The pattern for the live sts from the needle is clearly “purl slip knit”

Thank you for the helpful video! I think it will help me invisibly seam a Tunisian sts hat I have lingering on the hook. Like a gem :gem: it is brilliant!


Oh, thanks a lot. I’m glad you found it useful!.

FABULOUS! I feel like I’m learning something new every day. Thanks a lot. I’m going to try this, it looks like just the thing I need. Almost done with the cardigan- fingers crossed! (although with all the handling, seaming and unseaming, I’m not sure how wearable it’s going to be when I’m done!)

When you have a purl bump in front of you, should you first knit? Likewise, if you’re facing the wrong side (or a stockinette), should you first purl? I think that’s how it goes.

I’ve used this technique to set in the sleeve. I think it’s looking promising. I had to fudge things a bit in the end because the armhole was a bit longer than the sleeve.

Compare the grafted sleeve to my attempt at the mattress stitch on the other sleeve (which I must undo!!)


I wonder though whether I was catching the correct part on the finished edge. Is it supposed to be a horizontal bar in between the ridges?

Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing this very clear