Seaming- argggggg!

I read all the posts from people who said “Oh, I hate seaming!” and I naively thought “gee, whats the big deal, I’d just wanna seam it and get done” :thinking:

DUHHH!!! I get it now! :doh:

I need to seam the shoulders of my sweater. They are already bound off- the pattern instructs me to seam the shoulders, then I have to do the neck with a circular needle. I have looked at Amy’s videos on seaming, and looked elsewhere to see what the best way is to do this- mattress stitch looks like the nicest for what I have, but either I haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning, or I’m just a doofus (maybe both!). Do I lay the 2 pieces down flat, right side up, and stitch from the top? It just “seams” (oh, I crack myself up!) like it will be really awkward to do. Maybe it is just harder than I pictured it being…I kinda figured it would be like sewing a seam with fabric- NOT!

That’s exactly what you do. If you seam it like fabric, it will be all lumpy. I know this because that’s what I used to do. I hated the way my finished projects looked.

Mattress doesn’t make sense from the ‘sewing’ mentality, but it brings the two sides together beautifully and invisibly. The first time I did it I just couldn’t get over it!

How do you do an invisible seam for something already bound off? I would like to invisibly sew knitted squares together.

Toward the middle of THIS PAGE their are several videos on finishing, including mattress stitch.