Seaming an BO edge?

I am still working on the baby caftan, and am close…oh so close to being finished :slight_smile: but, I don’t know the best way to seam the shoulder seams to the back because of the BO edge that is so predominate. Any suggestions?

I am looking forward to the mattress seam when I get to the verticle seam, but am at a loss for the horizontal and am afraid because of how I BO it will look bad.

Thanks for all your help _/!

You could leave all the shoulder sts on holders and use a 3 needle bind off.

I have already BO the front and back and have knitted the sleeves. Now the directions say to Seam the shoulders. I did’t pay much mind because that is how you do it when you sew…LOL but, that isn’t the same and now I am stuck. I hate to be greedy, but would you have another suggestion?

Thishas info on horizontal seams…specifically shoulders.

BTW, you can always unzip your shoulder BOs…making them lives sts. Then do the 3-ndl BO.