Seaming a reglan sleeve

Shoulder seams, no problem.
Side seams, no problem
Reglan seams, makes me nuts. Is there a trick to stitching this seam. I always end up disappointed. The sweaters work up fine but when I put them together I get frustrated and into a bag it goes!

The first time I did mattress stitch was on a raglan seam, and I was amazed at how nice it came out. :heart: Being finally able to make nice seams kept me knitting.

Check it out!:thumbsup:

Knitter’s safety pins, lots of them, to the rescue. These are tiny gold pins that have no coils so they don’t get stuck in the yarn.

Use them to mark every decrease, front and back. If there are more than 5 rows between decreases, put a pin every 5th row as well. The idea is to be absolutely certain that the length of the front and back raglan areas are identical, and that the decreases are on the same rows.

When you are ready to seam, just match up the pins.
I find it works best to lay the pieces out flat and place the pins perpendicular to the seam. It’s easier to see what you’re doing that way. Then I mattress stitch the two sides together loosely, matching row to row, and pulling up the yarn snugly after every 10 stitches or so.

Bottom line: if the pieces are identical, seaming a raglan should be simple.