Seaming a poncho

Ready to seam the center fronts and back of a child’s poncho and just wondering if any of you think one type of seam is better than another or does it matter? My edges are curled (rats) so I was trying to do a mattress stitch but it is making it take so long because of the curling. Would a back stitch work or would that make the right side look bad? I am sure some one out there has the best solution. Thanks

A back stitch will work of course but I think the nicest seam for something like this is the mattress st. I think it’ll be worth the time it takes since the seam is going to be right there front and center.

Thanks, I figured that was going to be the answer, just going blind and driving me nuts trying to keep the edges smooth and not curled when I tried it before. Okay, I will take you advice.:thumbsup:

I know all to well about the curling problem!! Before i start seaming, I smooth the curling out with my steam iron, the iron not touching the fabric, just hovering over so the steam hits the fabric, then I pin it to the ironing board and let it dry for a while(very much like blocking)
Hope this helps!