Seaming 2x2 rib horizontally- argh!

Hello all and Happy New Year!

I am nearly finished a gorgeous sweater in a merino/cashmere blend. It’s knit in one piece, with ribbing on the cuffs. I am mystified as to how to sew the sleeve seams, specifically, the purls. My reading so far has said to use the “under bumps” (running threads) on the purls…does that sound right?

Thanks in advance…I will try to post a photo…

…here we go…

I think I’d just go with mattress stitch because it looks like a 1x1 rib and I really don’t think it’ll make any difference in the way it looks in the end. :thumbsup:

There is a video under the video links/tips/finishing.

Thanks, Jan…I forged ahead and it looks reasonably good :happydance:

(incidentally, this is how I spent my New Yrs Eve and ushered in my 42nd birthday…there goes my reputation!)

:teehee: Happy Birthday!

Thanks, Jan! :hug:

I have finished the sweater, including the dreaded sleeves. When I did the matress stitch one one side seam, it seemed I had three rows too many (I counted after the fact, not as I went- next time, a row counter!).
I sewed the opposite side seam just to make sure I was in fact three rows off, before ripping out and redoing the bottom third of the sweater (I can’t just rip out 3 rows because of the 8 inches of ribbing at the bottom). The second side seam was only one row off which I understand you can fudge when doing matress stitch.
Now quite perplexed, I redid the first seam, and was three rows off again. I am being very careful, it is indeed 3 rows. I don’t know how this is possible, but I’m going to rip out to above the ribbing and redo it minus three rows. Wish me luck.