Seaman's cap

seaman’s cap… i think i shall call it… peppermint schnapps. sailors drink schnapps, right? pattern from . pom-pom just for fun.

cheers, X :wink:

ETA, pix show front, back, top pom-pom, side pom-pom, and inside spiral…


That will brighten up a dreary day! Nicely done!

I’m not sure sailors drink schnapps…I figured them more for the grog or whiskey. :teehee:

Nice hat though! :yay:

Great job! It’s a very jaunty cap that looks warm and cozy. The pom-pom is the perfect topper.

[COLOR=“Purple”]VERY well done!!![/COLOR]

Nice hat, will keep someone’s ears warm.

Very nice! Definitely reminds me of peppermints :slight_smile:
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