Seam is too tight?

Hi all!! I just finished knitting the Aidez Sweater pattern and sadly, it’s too small. But not suuuper small. I think I could get by with still being able to wear it, but the part that is beyond wearing are the shoulder/arm seams. They are so tight and kinda hurt to wear. But I wonder if there’s a way to make them looser? Does anyone have any experience with this?

What method did you use to make the seam? Did you use the sweater yarn for seaming?

I used the sweater yarn, yes. And I used the mattress stitch. The way you join the arms to the upper neck was a bit confusing… There seemed to be way more stitches from the underarm to the top center of the neck than there were from the underarm to the top of the shoulder… I’ve never seamed a flat pieces sweater before, so I’m just figuring this all out… :grimacing:

When you say more sts, do you mean on the join of the sleeves to the back? The sleeves aren’t joined to the top center of the neck but to either side of back.

In this pattern it’s the neck extensions that are seamed together so that they meet at the center back.