Seam help plz

My grandmother taught me to knit, crochet, & sew when I was 5. She only taught me the very basics & the rest I pretty much taught myself. Since I like things done right & fast I dropped the knitting for many many years. I sew a little here & there but not much. I’ve been crocheting on & off for my whole life. I recently picked up knitting again. I’ve always loved the look of knitting the only problem that I have with it is that it takes sooooo long to make something. Now that both of my hands are really bad it takes even longer to make things.

Anyways, here’s where I need help. All my knitting items were always small & simple. I found a pattern for a pair of pants that was made in 2 parts. The pattern ended up being a horrible mess to figure out & did not match what the picture was showing. I’ve always either designed my own thing or made many changes to patterns whenever I crochet but I really still only know the basics in knitting. I decided that I really wanted those pants so I completely rewrote the pattern. This wasn’t very easy knowing only the basics but I did it. I have finished knitting everything exept the pockets. Sewing the pockets on will be pretty easy, I’m guessing, but I have never knit 2 or more parts & had to sew them together before. I really don’t think that it is any where near the same as connecting crocheted items. The pattern makes 1 side of the hip & 1 leg & then the other side separate. I need to sew up the inseam & sew the 2 upper parts together. Can anyone explain the easiest way to sew up a seam like this? You can send me a private E-mail with a reply, Any & all help will be greatly appreciated.

aka: yrndsgns

you are best using a matteres stitch to join the two pieces using the same yarn as you knit in. this page from knitty has a good description of how to do it.

Since you sew, you probably are going to have an easier time with this than someone who doesn’t, because you’re used to attaching different pieces together.
What is the pattern? If it’s on the internet, can you provide a link, or if it’s from a book, the title and page?