SE knitters check in

I live outside of Lexington, KY and I know the weather has been violent, on and off, around here for a couple of weekends now. Is everyone okay?

Ok up here…our side (west) of Cincinnati has been pretty fortunate. Stuff keeps just missing us.

All is well in N Alabama. Trees and powerlines down in places, but as far as I know, no tornado damage. It’s the folks in Tennessee who’ve had a really rough go (Gallatin and Nashville in particular). Hope you’re okay, Volmel, butterflymama, and others up that way! :heart:

We are okay! We live about 5-7 miles from Gallatin, where the bad ones were. My prayers for all of those families.

Everything is fine here in Louisville. We had some terrible storms, tornado warnings (lots of funnels, but no touchdowns I think), hail, etc. Friday night. But nothing too bad. I think it was better than last week’s storm. At least we didn’t lose power this time!!! :smiley: