SE Iowa, W Central IL, NE Missouri

Is there anybody in this area? I live about halfway between Mount Pleasant and Burlington, IA. If there are enough people around and interested, maybe we can have a knit meeting some time!

My nearest LYSs are in Fairfield, the At Home Store, about 45 miles west of me, and Crazy Girl Yarn Shop in Muscatine, about 50 miles north and east of me. Otherwise I’m at the mercy of Hobby Lobby and Joann’s (and online ordering, of course). I also have been meeting with the Snake Alley Fiber Guild, a group of ladies interested in all things fiber-related, many raise their own sheep and goats for fiber, spin, weave, and knit.

I would love to get to the Crazy Girl Yarn shoppe sometime! :cheering:

I live in West Des Moines but my in-laws live in Farmington, Iowa. I’ll keep an eye in the thread though, I’m willing to travel for knit togethers!

I know this is a really old post I’m digging out… I currently live in the QCA. If you ever get up here, The Yarn Shoppe on Kimberly is great! I’ve been to Crazy Girl too (I’m originally from M-Town) and they’re great too. :slight_smile:

What a small world. I was born and raised just to the east of Burlington, Ia. Went thru on 34 to go to dd’s college (Creighton in Omaha) and dh parents in Lincoln, Ne.

Just spent the weekend in QCA 2 weeks ago and went to the Yarn Shop on Kimberly. It used to be only 60 mi away from where I lived.

Friends have been to the Muscatine shop and have told me it is really nice.

I might head to Des Moines this summer to see my brother. He is taking a job for the summer there. Entertainment engineer (a.k.a–carnie for Adventure Land) :teehee: At least that’s what I’ve called it!

LOL my brother sometimes claims his life ambition is to be a carnie. Really, he’s going into environmental engineering or some such.