Scrunchable Scarf ?'s

OK, I know there are tons of threads that mention this pattern, but I couldn’t for the life of me find these answers [COLOR=“Plum”][SIZE=“2”](I am not saying they’re not there, just that I couldn’t find them:lol:)[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Not sure if the particulars make a difference, but I am using Malabrigo Worsted Weight. This is for my niece who is going to NZ in October. She is fairly petite, about 5’1" and a small build.

What needle size should I use
How many stitches should I cast on for a good width
And how long would you recommend

I have made one scarf since I started knitting, and believe it or not, it was a [COLOR=“Indigo”]huge[/COLOR] failure… yeah, how do you screw up a scarf… put me in charge!:rofling: So I am really nervous about making this perfect for her. (As perfect as I am capable, anyway):shifty:

:heart:TIA – Lisa

There’s a pattern for it here I used a #8 needle for mine, and it came out a fairly decent size. The measurments are 4.5" across and I made it about 5.5 feet long.

Again, thanks!

Yeah, that’s the pattern I printed, but it gives no particulars at all… guess they assume a body knows what the heck they are doing…:shock:

I cast on 32 stitches, and I ended up with a 4.5 inch wide scarf. It all depends on your gauge though.

I don’t remember how many I cast on–I think 36, and I used a size 9 needle. What I did was cast on, knit a few rows, and then decided if I wanted it that width.:shrug: I used about 2 skeins and it was probably a good 6 feet long.

I think I used a size 8 needle for mine. I did the same as Ingrid, with checking the width to see if I liked it. I used about 1 3/4 skeins, and mine is about 5.5 feet long

Yes, I think because of her height, I will make it a bit shorter… plus, it would be cool to be able to make her one of those headband things that keeps your ears warm, to match…

I will experiment… I am still at the stage that I am used to starting projects several times… :rofling: it used to aggravate me… now I just accept it as a part of life…:shrug: what can ya do?

But I really appreciate [COLOR=Navy]any and all[/COLOR] input.

I [B]like[/B] starting things, trying out different stitch patterns in different yarns to see what works.

I made a skinny one out of Malabrigo - I think I cast on 20 stitches with size 9 needles? Anyway, it was almost 6 feet long. I used a skein.

I think I cast on 38 sts so i could slip the first stitch of each row to make a neater edge, i also used needles a size or 2 bigger than the ball band called for. As for how long, I make them as long as the person is tall or there abouts. I think a headband/ear warmer is a great idea and maybe a pair of wrist warmers. (fingerless gloves)

I love this pattern so much that I use it on sweaters,scarves, and hats and almost any place you put ribbing. It makes a really cute touque. (hat,cap)

That’s the nice thing about that pattern – you can use any size yarnd and it’ll turn out nice. I’ve used worsted and bulky and just knit a few rows and decided if I needed to add stitches, change needles, etc. I also tend to start projects multiple times – much better than getting almost done and hating it!

I used a bulky and only cast on about 21 stitches…

I also created a hat to match… Here it is…