Scrunchable! Argh!

Okay, I decided to try the scrunchable scarf. It looks rather neat. I think I’m doing something wrong, because I searched the threads and my scarf isn’t looking anything like the pictures of other peoples scarves.

The pattern says a multiple of 3 plus one on each edge for selvage. So what I have is 23 rows.

So I have,

and so on, but it seems like something is wrong.

Is it looking right? Maybe I’m not using the right yarn? I’ve got caron simply soft.

You should have a column of knit, a column of purl, and a column of moss stitch. The stitch pattern you listed there is correct if you are just talking about how you are knitting and not how it looks. You don’t have your selvage stitches listed there but that is fine as long as you know you were supposed to be doing them.

so instead i should have


:wall: i just dont know why it doesnt look right…

yes. You can slip the first stitch if you want too, instead of knitting it. Whichever you prefer. Not sure but it looks like it is all moss stitch or seed stitch to me.

If you had cast on the selvage edges but did them in pattern instead of doing the knit on each end it would throw off the pattern.

If you ended in kk, then you didn’t complete that multiple of three stitches.

S equals selvedge, however you do it–knit it or slip it.

S kkp kkp kkp kkp kkp kkp kkp S

Thanks for the help!

I wasn’t doing the selvage right. I frogged it and started over, and now its looking like it should.