Screwing up BO

I’m trying to bind off for the first time and it’s not going well lol…I’m using the basic knit bind off…and I thought I did it the first time, but when I knit the next stitch, I had 3 stitches on my other needle instead of two :s

How can I fix those stitches?

not sure I’m visualizing your problem correctly…have you watched Amy’s BO video? It might help.

If you need to correct stitches you can “unknit” or “un bind off” to get back to where you made the mistake.

Yeah, I’ve been using solely Amy’s video. Maybe I’m just not understanding?

How do you un-knit?

You just sort of go backwards…like insert the left needle into the last stitch on the right needle then pull out the working yarn. Here is a visual.

Thanks so much! I’ll give that a shot and try the BO again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Hope you get it straightened out :slight_smile:

Hmm…two of my stitches are kind of stuck together…from the botched BO guess. Here’s a picture, if it helps.

Thanks for all your help!

For some reason I thought unkitting those two would work, but it just slipped them on the other needle, and the working yarn is two stitches back :thinking:

It sounds like you just slipped them from one needle back to the other, and like you discovered the working yarn is not at the end anymore.

I believe the original problem was that you had three stitches on your right needle, right?

If it was ME, in that situation I would cheat - slip the last stitch back to the left needle, then slip one stitch over the other on the right needle, then slip that troublesome stitch on the left needle to the right needle, slip the other stitch over it, and continue in normal bind-off.

I don’t know if you can get back to that point now - I know when I go back to try to fix something, I usually just make it worse. :slight_smile: That’s more of a personal problem though.

If cheating will make it workable again, I’ll try it! Though it’ll probably take me forever to figure out how to do that still… :oops:

Urrrgh I hate to keep beating this dead horse, but is that pretty much just doing the bind off backwards? I’m useles at reading instructions without a visual :crying: