Scratchy and itchy scarf

Just finished a scarf, but it turned out itchy and scratchy, even though the skein of yarn was soft :frowning: I really need to fix this since the scarf is a gift! The yarn is 80% acrylic and 20% wool.

Any way to fix this? thanks!

Try washing it and adding a bit of hair conditioner to the final rinse. If it’s the wool that’s scratchy, it may help soften it up.

Another thought: could it be that you are personally allergic to this particular wool blend when worn around the neck?

Been there, done that. What yarn is it? The majority of people who have problems with wool aren’t truly allergic, just highly sensitive to it (although there are truly allergic people)… I’m in the latter group with sensitivity…no rash, no redness or bumps. Just that awful itchy, scratchy feeling.

I love Plymouth Encore 80% acrylic/20% wool, but I can’t wear it. My first scarf was made with it and I have tried washing it a couple times with fabric softener, hair conditioner, etc… didn’t work. I have to save it for projects for other people or charity. Wool has these little guard hairs that usually make it fuzzy and that is what drives me mad. Cheaper wools are usually the worst, more expensive wools are better, but they are still a problem for me. :shrug: