Scratch the 'I am going CRAZY': I'm COOKIN'!

WHAT is going on? Everyday I start a new project and end up

 :frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog: 


I am having way too many strike outs. When will this change?

Tried the Marnie hat, the dpns were like big snakes with those 8 little stitches on them
Tried a lace hat today, the circulars were too big for the hat and the hat was too big.

Forgot what I tried the day before, probably on purpose.

The Knitting Goddesses seem to be against me.

(It would help if I had all the right size needles to find the RIGHT PROJECT wouldn’t it!!!)

cough :doh: interchangeables :doh: cough

LOL Kelly… :rofling:


when will she lay the $$$$$ out???

             yes kelly     I know   je sais



After venting the other day, I sat for a while, picked up the yarn again, and finally learned how to do the long tail cast on which has eluded me forever. Funny, how out of strife can come PROGRESS!

I never could get that double cast on and always did it my old way, which is knitting it on, stitch by stitch. Even with Amy’s video, it kept getting tangled and I got two stitches instead of one. Finally, I just started doing it RIGHT and it felt like magic and now I’m flying with it.

Also, started a new hat with the most gorgeous Tahki Donegal green yarn from Ireland. Got tired of looking at patterns and tried this chart: it seems to work very well: You might like it.



Yay! Glad you’ve worked things out. I’ve found that pretty much everything I’ve done so far I’ve had to rip out at least once. It doesn’t always bother me, but some days it really does! :frowning: I’ve been putting off ripping out a baby sweater b/c I finished the whole back without realizing I’d messed up a long way back. Ugh. Just started something else instead. :lol:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t figure out amy’s video–for some reason I just couldn’t see what she was doing well. I came across a video for the double cast on on Knitty Gritty, and that’s how I figured it out.

Hey Mer! Houston, Texas huh! Maybe you can use the baby sweater somehow… the baby won’t know anyhow! :rollseyes:

I haven’t seen the video on Knitty Gritty. Going to check that site out. Thanks!