I know this is a knitting forum, but I figure we are multi-crafters…at least some of us. Anyway, could someone recommend something like the Xyron? I don’t know the difference between the different Xyrons…or if there is something better, I’m all ears. The reason I’m asking is…my mom just bought me the Cricut Expressions for my birthday for this and next year. Woo hoo! :thumbsup: Now I will need a way to stick the things on my pages…

Thanks! :waving:

Yup… I love my Xyron!! :smiley:

Before you buy one, check out the prices on refill cartridges. Some are almost the price of the machine itself. Also, if you buy it from one of the chain craft stores, make sure it’s on sale or use a 40% off coupon. I know Michaels frequently has sales on the cartridges too, so stock up if you go through it quick enough while it’s on sale or just use coupons.

I had both the big one (900 or something) and a middle size one (250 I think…I sold it on ebay). I primarily use the big one for laminating things and love it. My middle one was for stickers, but I just never used it. It was too big to take to crops with me and I don’t crop enough at home to warrant keeping it.

I’ve used the little X one and love it for little things. I think it’s only like an inch or so wide, so it wouldn’t work on a lot of the Cricut cuts.


I love my xyrons - I have the tiny little one and the medium sized one - They’re great for things like vellums and other items you don’t want big glue bleughs showing through. I’ve also used it for fabrics and sequins and…and… etc… I like them a lot for cardmaking and for making little things to put on gift boxes.