Scrapbook Moment

My 3 year old daughter cut her own hair (more like chopped it) on one side of her head. I had to take her to the salon so they could even it out. Then I decided to scrap it so that she will have a memory of this day when she has children of her own! Check it out!


What a cutie!

This must be a requirement when you are a toddler. I remember when my brother and I cut each other’s hair. He cut a triangle in my bangs and I cut a square in his. I think Mom’s got a picture of it somewhere. Ah, what memories!!

She is beautiful, and I love the usual suspect bit.

My son cut my hair. It’s down to my hips. He reached up as high as he could and snipped it while I was washing dishes- I didn’t even know until he asked me if these were the “hair cutting scissors”. They were his school Fiskars. I said no, then turned around and saw my hair, all over the floor! Good thing he wasn’t taller.

Darn kids.

Did she have really long hair? I remember doing that when I was a kid. I remember thinking “mummy will be so proud of me that I did this myself!” Yeah right :roll:

OMG! That’s not funny… but it kinda is. :aww:

Yes she did. It was half way down her back :shrug:

Must be a rite of passage… my daughter (now 25) had the MOST BEAUTIFUL waist length blonde hair when she was 3, we would put it in braids every day. One day I was sitting at my desk studying (I was in college at the time), she came into my office with her severed braid in hand saying “MOMMY PUT IT BACK”. It was a very traumatic experience!

What an adorable child! My DD did the same thing when she was little. I was in the bathtub and she said, “Look Mommy”. I cried because she had some curls and had cut them off. It was also, just one side. That is so cute how you did your scrap book.

Must be a rite of passage. I also had long hair down my back when I was a young kid, until the day it got stuck in a zipper that went down the back of a dress. Let’s just say that I found the scissors before I found my mom.

The bob is adorable !!
My mom is a teacher and she can’t let her little ones keep scissors at the desk anymore b/c so many were sneaking into the bathroom to cut their own hair.

Oh my she is so cute! I actually love little girls haircuts like that! It’s much easier for them to learn to wash and brush. :thumbsup:

My girls never did that so I don’t know if that means I was watching too closely or if they just didn’t. :teehee:

I’m sorry she cut her hair, but she looks adorable with the new 'do! :slight_smile:

not bad… she may be a future stylist

Well it was either her or her favorite doll…her hair grows back!

Unfortunately, it was both… Apparently her favorite cabbage patch doll, Sophie, got a new do as well. :eyes:

She is adorable! The new cut really suits her, so cute.
I never cut my own hair but my youngest brother did- the night before preschool picture day. It’s the funniest picture a huge hunk of his bangs are gone. The photographer told my mom that someday she would treasure that picture and love to torture him with it. Boy was he right!

My DD cut her bangs when she was little. I remember being a bit rushed and having to go to the store, the pediatrician, my ex MIL (at the time MIL) house, etc etc etc. So I called the kids out of the play room and got them buckled in the carseats. I noticed my DD’s bangs looked a bit funny but figured they were just all swept back from playing and didn’t think much of it until I had her sitting smack dab in front of me in the seat of the shopping cart. I suddenly though - that’s funny, its like they are stuck in the swept back position. Nope! They were cut OFF :roflhard: The only thing left was wispy little hairs. Oi vai!!!