Scrap Yarn -- how to put it on?

I am an intermediate knitter, and I’m doing my first top-down sweater. The pattern is asking me to put the sleeve part of the body on scrap yarn while I do the front and the back.
Could someone please explain how I do this?

The directions read specifically: “Sl next 46 (48, 52, 54, 58, 64, 72) sts to scrap yarn to hold for Left Sleeve”

Many thanks in advance.

You can thread a tapestry or darning needle with the yarn and pull it through the sts before you take them off the needle. Or pull it through a few at a time with a crochet hook. I usually put them on spare circular needles, then I can knit right off them when I get back to the sleeves.

Thanks so much! This makes perfect sense, and I love the idea of the spare circular needs – seems very stable. Thanks again!

The spare circs work great. I used the cables only and put stoppers on the end to keep the stitches in place. I’m doing a top down sweater also and now am working the sleeves. I’d love to see yours!

God, love those needle stoppers! How sweet that you want to see it! I’m not good at uploading photos, unfortunately. But I’m really having fun with it. A totally different way to make a sweater!