Scottish Inspirations help needed

Hello all, first post from a new member and beginning knitter! I have started working on the cable wrap cardigan that’s at the back of Rowan’s Scottish Inspirations book… got sidetracked in the last month or so with knitting Christmas presents - slippers, mittens and the likes - which somewhat dashed my hopes of finishing, and being able to snuggle into the cable jacket for Christmas. However I had hoped to make significant headway at least over the Christmas holidays, as I am spending two weeks with my parents abroad with very little else to do. So, I packed my heavyish knitting project (I’ve almost finished the first front flap) and lots of extra balls of yarn, remembered to bring a cable needle… and left the frigging pattern at home in the UK! Argh! I was hoping someone could email or post the instructions on making the first armhole, and how wide the back section needs to be (smallest size)? Thanks ever so much, I am really kicking myself over this :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to all!

Oh no! How disappointing! I don’t have the pattern, but I just wanted to say I feel your pain.:pout:

:hug: Thank you for the sympathy! I guess this happens to everyone some time, but it was my own stupid fault really :slight_smile:

oh i’ve done that before.

i so feel for you. i tend to photocopy (shush i kno there copy rightede, but i bin the copy after hehe) then keep the photo copy in my knitting bag and the orginal in a file, then i can loose the file as i regularly do and know i have the pattern safe with my knitting, ready to loose that lol.


Hehe, good thinking! I tend to jut the pattern down in shorthand on some scrap paper to keep in my handbag so I don’t have to lug the book with me on the train etc, but little bits of paper tend to go AWOL very easily too!

Anyway, just to let you know some kind soul emailed me the instructions so I’m saved :slight_smile: And I’ve learnt my lesson!

Happy holidays to all xx

i so pleased you found a copy of the pattern.