Scottish hat

I’m knitting a tam for my husband for Christmas. He’s been bugging me to knit him something and hinting at a kilt- then when I said no- he decided he wants a hat!
Anyway, I found a pattern on Ravelry and I am going to be making it on circular needles insted of dpns. Where do I join it to make it round? I am leaving the tube part open to put in a ribbon afterward
so I was just wondering how to- (where to) make the join.

The join in circular knitting comes at the point where the last stitch in the first row meets the first stitch you cast on.

If you’re working flat until you join it, then you’ll join the last stitch of the round to the first stitch.

Does this answer your question? I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

Yes and no-The hat rim will be a tube to put a ribbon through. If I join them wont the hole to put the ribbon through close up? Now I’m really confused!I found the pattern on ravelry but I cant cut and paste to show you what I mean

I can pop over to ravelry too look at it. Under what search did you find it.

Its called Scots Bonnet- picture is plain blue. But I’m not sure you can see it unless you buy the pattern. Lets see if I can describe my problem better…
(In lieu of using dpns I’m using size 5 cir) anyway, it mentions that I should knit 14 rounds rib and then knit my cast on edge to my existing stitches. So I’ll have a tube. But how do I continue from there? I’ve read the instructions and thy are written for dpns so do I need to make a join? At the end when it is talking about felting it says you can run a ribbon through the tube- but if I make a join wont the tube be closed up?? I hope you understand what I mean

I see what you mean.

One thought is that after it’s felted, you can cut a slit for a ribbon.

Since you’re working on the circs, though, you could also work that section flat and when you create the band and join in the round for the rest of the hat, there will be a slit built in for the ribbon.