SCORE! (The power of positive looking.)

Wow! Ok… yesterday we went to a series of second-hand thrift shops. Usually, in those shops I take the kids and spend most of the time browsing the books while my wife goes and looks at everything else.

Well yesterday, while in the book section… we hit a very cool find…

Debbie Macomber’s: The Shop On Blossom Street
(Hardcover in excellent condition) for $2.00

Yeah… I’m kinda stoked. lol (Just wanted to share the good news find.)

Cool. :happydance: What a find. You never know what you’re going to find that someone else didn’t want. :thumbsup:

Have you read A Good Yarn yet? I just got it and can’t wait to start. I loved the first one.

I’ve read both, but loved the first one more. Both are good reads.

$2??? nice :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: !!!

I read "SCORE!!! (The power of being positive looking.)
I was like - score, good looking… wtf is happily married to a very nice lady Joel doing trolling for babes?
sorry, I need more coffee

I love a good treasure hunt. I call my
thrift runs and and my flea market shopping my treasure hunting. I love a great bargain, makes your toes dance a bit and a twinkle in your eye and a big ole grin from ear to ear. Good job

AAAAAHHHH! I love when that happens! So now go play the lottery before your luck runs out :cheering:

I havent read either of the books… Heck, I’m amazed I found this one. We go to thrift stores ALOT.

LOL Jodi… I so understand where you are coming from. Who knew pouring water through ground up beans would be so helpful in the morning?