Score at the Dollar Store!

I went to the Dollar Store yesterday and, nestled in amongst hangers and clothes pins, I found a bin of Patons yarn. They had Evita and Voodoo. I bought 6 skeins of Voodoo in a cream and 4 Evita in madras. Now I just have to figure out what to use them for. :slight_smile:

Sorry no yarn porn. :frowning: My camera is broken.

At the Dollar Store??? :shock: SCORE!! :happydance:

I know!!! lol I started to get a bit nervous about it this morning… thinking maybe $1/skein wasn’t such a good deal afterall. So I went to and checked out what they’re selling them for. One of them is $5.99 each, and the other was $6.49 (I believe). No matter how you look at it, I should have bought a LOT more than I did. :roflhard:

Which dollar store is this?! Deals, or another one?

That’s wonderful you got some nice yarn at a cheap price. :happydance: A few montsh ago at my dollar store they had three different kinds of yarn but nothing I’d want to use. I should go back and see if they got something else in. :rollseyes:

It was called “The Dollar Store.” I don’t know if it’s a nationwide chain, but I know there’s at least 3 here in Spokane.

I’ve been debating all day whether I should go back & get more.

Great deal…WTG!!!
I had gotten some Voo-Doo from Joann’s some time back when my sister had asked me to design a “leopard print” scarf for her, the Voo-Doo didn’t work for the scarf, but I thought it to be very cool yarn :thumbsup:

Carmen slinks out to go hang out at the dollar store…

Well, that’s fun. I just googled them and those look like fun yarns. I always like to squish the pom-pom yarns - they are so soft! You really scored! :cheering: I absolutely can not resist yarn at $1/skein - good thing there’s no Dollar Store by me!

HEEY! I live near a dollar store! runs to go check it out

Awesome score!! I always go to my dollar stores, we have two in town. I got the patons voodoo, patons pebbles, and bernat frenzy.

Yarn is starting to pop up everywhere now a days :smiley:

My dollar store has this yarn too…everyone check your Dollar Trees… it just opened so dh went in with me to check it out… and he we turned down this one aisle and there it was :rofling: dh’s face was priceless that I could buy yarn at a dollar tree he thought that was the one place I’d be safe… :smiley:

We have a store here called Giant Tiger, and a while back they had pure wool, Lionbrand in different gauges, for a dollar a ball. I stocked up! They regularly sell for about six dollars when I see them in the U.S. samm who has also seen those other yarns at a dollar store in Niagara Falls U.S.


Why would you debate such a thing?

Just kidding! Great score!